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I have a musician in the family

My daughter wrote the lyrics and music and I helped her record it.  Unfortunately this is pretty raw so please forgive the recording it was our first try.

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Cast Members of “Where The Day Takes You”

This is just one day on the set of Where the Day Takes You.  It’s a grueling process filming a pilot a lot goes into a take; there’s the setting up of the scene, and instruction on the delivery. But there is also a lot of just waiting.

_MG_8943_0007-EditIn this scene the script writer and the director is instructing the cast on how they want this scene to be carried out.

_MG_8949_0013-EditHere Robert is adjusting and setting up the camera for a take.

_MG_8958_0021-EditThis is Tommy who plays Jamal hamming it up for the camera. While in the background Griffen who plays Omar is waiting for direction from Robert our Director.

_MG_8963_0026-EditHere Tommy aka Jamal, Griffen aka Omar, Patrick, screen writer and Robert, Director are discussing how they are going to shoot the scene where Jamal who is a freshmen has just found out that Omar – Senior has been assigned his big brother.  Omar then insists that Jamal carry his books which in turn Jamal kicks them down the hall and Omar is supposed to slug him.

_MG_8970_0033-EditHere Patrick is talking to Diana who plays Christina while she look over her script.


Here Jackie who plays Myriah and Collins who plays Shamika are taking a break as they are not needed at this time.

_MG_9041_0098-EditHere Lorenzo who plays Darnel and Marshall who plays Charles are going over their lines for the scene they have together.  More to come later.  Thanks for looking.

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Some Cast Members From “Where the Day Takes You”

My daughter and son have been fortunate to have landed roles in a pilot, which so far has been grueling with rehearsals and now they have started filming.  Here are a few of their cast members, I will as time permits continue to add more images of the cast.   The pilot is called “Where the Day Takes You” and it is centered on the antics of high school kids and the situations they encounter.





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Kids at play

While on an engagement session yesterday, I ran across some kids playing in a fountain.  It makes you long for the days of old.  Oh, the wonders and freedom of the youth.

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Congratulations, goes out to Niesha



My oldest daughter just graduated from nursing school and is officially a RN. She has been offered a position at Sutter Memorial Hospital in the Labor and Delivery Department.

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